Branded Mortgage is a debt servicing, portfolio acquisition and management group.  We purchase qualified notes based on internal guidelines from businesses and individuals.  Branded Mortgage will not sell or lease your information, applicant data nor share your information without your consent.  All applications much include accurate data in order to move through the process.  Branded Mortgage cannot guarantee approval.  All  stipulations, guidelines, requirements must be met prior to funding.  In order to offer these services you must have a verifiable mortgage license based on state criteria or you have registered with Branded Mortgage as a private lender.  We do not release funding partner information to clients without completed applications and pre-approvals issued.  Our Brand Points system has been created to offer funding without relying entirely on credit scores.  All visitors are required to use this website for the intended purpose.  Any person or entity utilizing this website for abuse, illegal activity, or harmful intentions will be turned over to local authorities immediately.  Mortgage entities are responsible for providing logos, accurate contact information, and requested data in a usable format.  If you do not have a website, Branded Mortgage may refer you to a partner.  Branded Mortgage states ownership of all client pages and links attached to our domain  We have the right to cancel any relationship in the event the Mortgage Alliance Partnership Application has been breached or if we believe a relationship with a group and/or individual is not advantageous to all parties involved.  All misrepresentation or unauthorized advertising by non-licensed professionals will cause for immediate disconnection.  Realtors, Sales Professionals, Banking Staff, etc. who provide clients must contact the closest Mortgage Alliance Partner prior to any applications being submitted or register as a private lender.  Upon acceptance an MAP or Referral Code number is issued.  No application is processed without it.
ALL Mortgage Alliance Partners are required to follow local, state, and federal laws as related to mortgage services.  Void where prohibited.