Many applicants need assistance with their down payments and Branded Mortgage has the ideal solution while creating continual revenue streams.  JUMPSTART Partners provide down payment funds for applicants and receive an access fee based on a percentage of the down payment needed.  It is known as a DEFERRED DOWN PAYMENT.  For example:  An applicant has been approved for a $400,000 mortgage.  The down payment is $40,000 and the client has $10,000 but will need $30,000 more to schedule closing.  This is quite simple.  The Jumpstart Partner has a separate set of documents managed by Branded Mortgage in which the $10,000 is collected and $30,000 placed in escrow on behalf of the client.  The JUMPSTART Partner determines the usage fee and in this case we will use 25% which is equivalent to $7,500.  At closing, the JUMPSTART Partner earns a whopping 25% return on their funds within 30-70 days depending on th closing schedule.  In a two month time period that averages out to 12.5% which is better than most banks!  
And the JUMPSTART Partner has the option of always repeating the cycle for the next applicant to earn more!  Increase funds to earn more!  Best of all, you can determine which Mortgage Alliance Partners to assist or participate nationwide!  Best of all, your funds are protected through surety coverage listing you or your organization as the beneficiary.  We are delighted to offer this amazing opportunity.  You also have the option to become a Private Lender AUTOMATICALLY by being a JUMPSTART Partner!  The benefits are tremendous.  Each funded application also provides residual on monthly payments made by the applicant!  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE AS A JUMPSTART PARTNER?  Anyone business saavy enough and willing to learn the “back office” side of lending.  Designate your staff to operate or handle everything directly.  Retire early, create an additional income source, invest in real estate, travel, and much more from participating in this simplified funding system.  Call now for more information.