Making an Industry Difference

For over 35 years, Branded Mortgage has been in the makings and 2019 is the year everyone discovers an amazing opportunity to help thousands of individuals and businesses obtain funding for real estate and more.  We understand the obstacles many face in these situations and that why we are FOR you & FOR your clients.

Houston, Texas is our home and we are proud of it.  With the opportunity to help people gain access to the funds needed after a devasting storm as Hurricane Harvey, it has become our goal to offer these proven services in 2019.

Another goal is to ensure clients are treated fairly and receive all the attention needed.  This is why we “Brand” the loan according to our Mortgage Alliance Partners.  We simply provide funding to purchase loans created and do our best to make things run as easy as possible.

We encourage you to also visit our “sister” company’s website  Our group is very aware of the many chances we have to help make dreams a reality.  This is our goal... FOR SURE.